Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Another Student's 8 Pointed Star Quilt

I received a phone call today from a friend and student.
I mentioned putting the student work on my blog yesterday and she commented how much she enjoyed the 8 Pointed Star Quilt she made in one of my classes.

Suzanne McCormack made this quilt for the bed at her summer camp in Maine. That is why there is the plain area at the top to accommodate the pillows. I also feel it really allows the star to shine. I have seen it on the bed and it comes alive in the setting on a beautiful lake in Maine.

This quilt is the Broken Star version which uses 32 star points.

Here is a closer view of the pattern area of the quilt. The use of two different background fabrics was a decision I helped her make because there wasn't enough of her first choice for a background.
If I hadn't told you that you would probably think it was just a brilliant design decision! There were many design decisions to make as she created this work of art.
This quilt was designed as a bed quilt and everything she did is in proper proportion for using on the bed.

Nothing makes a teacher feel better than seeing her students succeed with a project.

And Suzie, since you like the puzzles, here's one especially for you:
Click to Mix and Solve

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Judi said...

Kay, Thanks for the eye candy and great puzzzle. I thought this was going to be a really tough one but it took 13:48. Not as bad as it could of been. VBG Judi