Friday, May 7, 2010

You can't go home again - or can you

I have been on a journey to find the houses I lived in from the day I came home from the hospital when I was 10 days old.

I have found almost all of them. Some still look great. Others are not looking so good. Two of them have been torn down.

When my parents brought me home from the hospital when I was born we lived in the upper flat of this house. My mom's aunt owned it and resided in the lower flat. This house was in Milwaukee, WI.

From there we moved to Racine, WI and lived in the upper flat of this home. I remember we lived less than a block from the North Shore train tracks and when the train went by and blew it's whistle I would hide behind the door that lead outside.
Our family remained friends with the family who lived downstairs throughout our lives.

About the time I was 4 my parents purchased their very first house, also in Racine. I can still remember every nook and cranny in this house. I remember the rosebud wall paper in our bedroom. I remember the built in book cases that separated the living and dining rooms. I remember sleeping out on the front screened in porch in the summer.

When I was 10 we moved to this house on five acres in the "country". It was only a little over a mile from the house we lived in previously. By this time our family consisted of my parents and 5 children. My grandfather also stayed with us for extended periods of time.
I lived in this house until the time I left for college and my parents owned it until about 1989. It was a home that had been built with quality throughout. I can remember the wide baseboards and beautiful oak moulding.
I remember the black and white ceramic tile in the only bathroom. I should remember it because that was the floor I first learned how to scrub!
Much of the 5 acres was devoted to a large garden, strawberry patch, rhubarb and asparagus beds, and fruit trees. On Saturday nights in the summer my parents could be found in the kitchen canning, freezing and making jellies and jams, just like many other families of the era.
This house is still used as a residence, although all the homes around it have been turned into businesses.

I'll continue with homes I lived in after I left my parents house at a later date.

I've used the bricks puzzle cut for this puzzle as this house was brick. I am posting this especially for my sister in law Mary who has done every one of my puzzles. Is there anyone else out there who can say that?
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Antonija said...

What a nice idea. My first childhood has been torn down as well. But--it was replaced by a block full of Habitat for Humanity homes that are much nicer!
I amy have "steal" this idea.... ;)

Eva said...

I can still visit 7 of the 9 houses we have lived in. They are all in the same town. It is so emotional to see the places! Recently, I saw that the clinic I was born in was torn down. Funny -- I was there just a few days, and I can't remember it, of course. Yet, it was a little bit of a loss.

Dolores said...

I must say, this is interesting. I have lived in exactly 4 places. The apartment building that my parents brought me to when I was born was home for 21 years - three different apartments. I cannot say that I like moving.