Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Life is................

Multiple choice test for you.
Life is ___________________________

A. All about food
B. All about golf
C. All about food and golf
D. All about quilts
E. All about color
F. All about quilts and color
G. All of the above
H. None of the above

We all have our priorities in life and I got to thinking of possible ones you might have. If yours aren't on the list, what are your priorities?

Today was another "Ladies Who Lunch" day. You can see me, Pat and Lynn in the photo. Pat is heading north in a few days so it was our last chance to get together before she leaves. We all had the strawberry salad - a big favorite of mine. We spent over 2 hours catching up on what we have been doing, as well as updating each other on mutual Friends far and near and our families. It was a very lovely time.

Living on the golf course I see many colorful and interesting golf carts. I had never seen a bright orange one like this before so I rushed out and took a photo. When I think about it since orange is a Florida color I was surprised I had not seen an orange one before.

Speaking of orange, I've never seen a sunset here that was this orange. I have done nothing to enhance the photo.

As a Sunset Kind of Girl I alwys enjoy a sunset puzzle.
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SewCalGal said...

I"m view most of life thru pair of "F" eye glasses.


Anonymous said...

If you can add "Family and friends" before A and then answer G: "All of the above" I think that would best express what I feel.

Jan....Maple Ridge, B.C.