Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Long and Short Term Effects of Vodka!

Earlier this week I posted about adding Vodka to fresh flowers. I thought the flowers looked so much better with vodka added to the water. Little did I know what really would happen!

This is a photo of the flowers before the vodka took effect. They are quiet and shy!

This is what they looked like after I added vodka to the water. They look happy and outgoing.

Usually a bouquet of Alstromeria lasts between two and three weeks. This is what the alstromeria looks like after only one week.

Do you think their is a parallel between the effects of vodka on people and flowers?


SewCalGal said...

LOL. I've always heard rumors that vodka helps (flowers), but have never given it a try. Thanks for investigating and sharing your insights. But if you do it again, do some investigation on Drunken Shrimp. At least you can eat them!


Eva said...

The flowers did not die in vain. The demonstration is convincing!

LynnDel said...

I wonder if amount matters. How much did you use? It would be nice to reap the benefits without the early demise. :)

Anonymous said...

Vodka can be used to absorb flower scents. It's just an alcohol, you can use it with artists paints - it causes the paint to move in wierd ways. Also will make Sharpie ink look like tie-dye.

Google its uses - cleaning perhaps... if you must.

Leslie said...

Kay, that's just funny. Thanks for sharing your experiment.