Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I have a group of friends that live in The Villages, Florida. I call them The Village People since I do not live there.
This often brings up the comment "Do they sing?" or someone breaks out in song - YMCA!

We meet at someones home every two weeks and have appetizers and drinks. Tonight I was the hostess. The women made themselves at home in the great room while we enjoyed food and conversation.

They each also got another amulet to take home. They really were interested in seeing the new ones I made and it is always fun to see which one everyone picks.
The first time you come to visit you pick two amulets. One is to keep and the other is to give to someone else. Then on each subsequent visit you get to choose one more. You can give it away or keep it. This is one small way I can share my art with more people.
This photo is clickable and when you click it you can see the amulets in an enlarged view so you can appreciate the detail in each one.
They are made from polymer clay. The design is made with the clay. There is no paint involved.

The men enjoy spending time on the lanai. They have a great time together. I snuck out there to take photos and also to ask them some questions about "Do you remember"!
I didn't eavesdrop long enough to know what their conversations are about!

With one exception all of the group is originally from Wisconsin. The lone exception is from Ohio, also a midwestern state and fits right in.

We enjoyed dinner at Taverna Red. Everyone was very impressed with the food. I think everyone picked a different entree and they were all great. When they complemented me on finding such a great new restaurant I had to tell them a friend recommended it.
So thanks again friend!

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