Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's A Small World

This title applies to my life and my art.

I have been making these small bowls.

I took time today to pair more of the fabrics and bowls.

This green and yellow leaf fabric really sets off this bowl.

I love this grouping with the bowl and the two fabrics.

Another set which I didn't realize would complement each other as they do.

Someone said this fabric looked like it had fish on it! Another unexpected wonderful combination.

This has been the BIGGEST small world year for me with so many connections with friends and family. At times it has been almost overwhelming and exhilarating at the same time. I wouldn't trade this year for anything.

Most of my small world connections have come from the USA and that is why I have chosen this puzzle cut.
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Laura said...

These are the most colorful and wonderful bowls I have ever seen!

kathy said...

You might have to share how you made those bowls....are they from a pattern?

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

These are made from polymer clay.
No pattern, no directions.
I just wing it!

Gloria said...

Bowls too? No pattern? You just have way too much talent, LOL. Really like these too.