Thursday, May 20, 2010

The River of No Return

You are going to think I am the most fickle person you've ever met.
First quilts, then clay, then fabric painting.
You are probably thinking what is she so infatuated with now?
Ever since we moved to this area I had heard about a wonderful bakery and their breads. No one ever said, well let's drive down there so you can experience this place.

So last week a friend suggested we do and we did. I could never have imagined anything this wonderful.

This is the Bavarian style of the outside of the building.
It is a destination and while we were there a tour bus stopped to shop for breads, cakes and pastries.

This is one of two bread cases as you come in the front door. I knew I had found my spritual home the minute I saw the cases of bakery.

This BIG pretzel was in another bread case. I left some of the image around it so you could see the size of it. I'm not sure if this was for sale or just display.
There were also cases of pastries and cakes but I didn't photograph them as I knew just taking a photo would add calories around my waist.

Fortunately I took food pictures before we devoured our food.
We each selected the Rueben sandwich. I hereby declare this the World's Best Rueben.
It was served on Pretzel bread with real German sauerkraut and a Green salad. When I saw the size of the sandwich I thought I'd never be able to eat the whole thing. Well, there was not so much as a crumb left on my plate when I finished. I get misty eyed just thinking about this again.

I forgot to take the "Ladies Who Lunch" pictures to share today.

As you do this puzzle just try to experience my visit here and the food we enjoyed.
Click to Mix and Solve

I realize I haven't been posting a daily puzzle recently and I am wondering how many of you are still doing my puzzles. If you are I'd sure like to know. You can post a comment or send me an email so I know if I should be continuing to do this.


Elizabeth B said...

I love the puzzles -- and miss them when they're not there. Thanks for doing them!

Anonymous said...

I appreciate that you did not put pics of pastries and such - now I am going to find a Ruben.

I enjoy the puzzles always.... even go back and do "old" puzzles with new cut, etc. And if my head is not feeling well I am not above changing the cut to something easy....

Fabric painting leaves me cold so will be interested in your next newbie

fiberchick said...

Got hungry just looking at that Reuben. It looks like you are actually in Europe. Personally, I love the puzzles...

Eva said...

You seem to be the person to go to Bavaria for a vacation. They know about food! And they are experts on Sauerkraut. My mother used to let it simmer with apples or pineapple bits and a spoon of sugar until it was caramel brown. She made a big pot for 3 days, and each day it is warmed up, it tastes even better.
You would love every baker's shop. Dozens of bread sorts in each of them, not only in Bavaria, but all over Germany. And they compete about inventing fancy names for their sorts.
(Trying to make your mouth water -- did I succeed?)

Connie in Alabama said...

I'm addicted to your puzzles! Please keep them going! And hearing about great bread is wonderful, particularly for those of us who love to bake bread. Makes us want to drive to FL!

Holly Knott said...

OMG, I'd love to have that pretzel! :-)

Ursula said...

WHERE is that bakery? In Florida? Where in Florida.
I have to know.. ;) I'm from Germany and miss so much my bakeries. Eva is right. Over there on every street corner is one.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

the bakery is at Yalaha, FL which is south of Leesburg.
You can visit their website to get more information.
It is: