Monday, May 24, 2010

Am I Blue?

At one time I had so much blue fabric I never wanted to see another piece of blue fabric. This was in my early quilting days and finding fabric to use to make a quilt wasn't easy back then. So every time I found some I bought it. The problem was most of the good fabrics were blue! I stored them in cardboard boxes in a store room. I didn't realize I had 5 (five) boxes of small blue prints and similar things until I moved everything into my studio.
Over the years I've made a big dent in the blues and can look at them again.

This piece has some unusual asymmetrical markings. I think it has some great possibilities.

When I look at this piece I feel like I am seeing some beautiful tropical water.

The various layers of dye in this piece have different patterning which makes for a very complex yet simple piece of cloth.

Because of the subtle differences in the dye colors used in this piece the patterning is also very subtle and feminine.

It's been a while since I have used this cut and I thought it would be an easy one with the subtle coloration of this piece.
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