Friday, May 14, 2010

Flour Resist Fabric continued - Puzzle Number 300!

This is my first piece of flour paste resist fabric I started yesterday. I used a relatively thick layer of flour paste and a relatively thin layer of paint. The paint was all purple. I am quite pleased with the resulting fabric. I may or may not add additional layers to this.
To see the patterning better you can click on either one of these images.

This piece of fabric is a full half yard so I folded it up so you can see some of the patterning. I used a variety of paint colors and got differing results depending on the color I used.
I feel like I used too thin a layer of flour paste and too thick a layer of paint on this one. It was extremely hard to rinse out.
It definitely needs more to make it a satisfactory piece. I do have some ideas.

I learned from these two pieces and that gave me the guidance to do 5 more pieces today. They are being soaked and rinsed right now. I tried different things on them and used different types of fabrics.

I also have used up almost all my white flour so that will be it for now. I may try to use some of my rye flour and see if it gives satisfactory results.

With the posting of this puzzle I have now given you 300 different puzzles to do on my blog.
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Gloria said...

Thanks for the details. Definitely a big help. I especially like the purple painted one. Looking forward to seeing the next pieces. I noticed you used Plaid screen printing paint...blew up a previous blog photo to see them. Never tried them before. Could you tell us if you thin it or use it straight out of bottle?

Susan said...

I really like the second piece. You said you folded it up due to its length, so there may be widths of color on the whole piece that show differently than it does here. Thank you for sharing all you experiences with this--it has encouraged me to try this on some solid color fabric that I have and wondered what I would do with.