Saturday, May 22, 2010

Don't Fence Me In

You see quite a variety of things on my blog.
I have been sharing fabrics I have created recently and have two more for you.
These are different than what you have been seeing recently and also quite different from each other.

This started out much like the fabrics I showed you yesterday. I did two different layers of dye. I hand carved a stamp that I used to print the rust design. Since I wasn't too careful when I carved the stamp a piece broke off. I then stamped the black with the piece that broke off and feel that creates an accent while also unifying the design.

This design is painted with undiluted Seta-color paint. The consistency of the paint lends itself to this style of painting. Symmetrical designs such as this are usually out of my comfort zone. I enjoyed creating this and am very pleased with the finished look.

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Gloria said...

Love looking at your creations. You are one busy lady and I thank you for sharing your results. Very inspiring.