Monday, May 31, 2010

What The World (Quilt) Needs Now!

It was just one month ago today the last time I showed you this quilt.

It often takes time for a quilt to tell me what it wants and this one is very slow.
I cut out the quilt with a gentle curve on the edge. I finished the edge with a zigzag stitch.

You can see the zigzag edge in this photo. I added another layer of the fusible behind the quilt which meant there were 3-4 layers of fusible at this point. I then fused it to the green mottled hand dyed fabric which was fused to a batting. Now we had 4-5 layers of fusible. That was then fused to a backing which means 5-6 layers of fusible.

I then attempted to zigzag over the previous stitching and had a lot of trouble with skipped stitches. Eventually I realized it was because of the number of layers of the fusible. I will try again with my other sewing machine which is slightly less temperamental! Even a less temperamental machine may not be able to handle this many layers, but I'm going to give it the old college try! Wish me luck!


Kay said...

Beautiful underwater scene, fish included........nice

Gloria said...

Love these colors. Going to be a very nice piece. Good luck with the stitching on all those layers.

stacy west said...

I love it!! The colors and movement make this piece a delight.