Sunday, May 30, 2010

Let A Smile Be Your Umbella

Today's agenda was planned to include a walk around Market Square in The Villages, a late lunch at the Lighthouse Point Bar and Grill, a visit to Fresh Market and a ride around our community in my "convertible".

About 10 minutes before my friend arrived the skies let loose and even with an umbrella there was no way to get from the car to my house without getting 50% wet!

When the rain let up a little bit my friend went to the car and brought in a large bowl of gardenias from their established gardenia bush. I wish you could be here to enjoy the delicious fragrance they impart to the house.

I have always loved to look at gardenias. My parents had two gardenia paintings on their wall which I now own. This is the first time I have ever had real gardenias in my house.

The rain let up enough for us to get to the car. As we drove it rained so hard there were times when it was difficult to see the road.
We decided to skip the walk and shopping the sidewalk sales around Market Square as it was threatening more rain again as we arrived.

The rain let up as we parked to go into the restaurant. Knowing it could return at any minute I decided to use my magical powers and took my umbrella with me. It worked - it was NOT raining when we left.
I enjoyed my crab cakes, fries and slaw. My friend had a pasta dish with shrimp. Both were very good.

This photo taken by my friend is the view across Lake Sumpter after lunch. You can see what a gray type of day it was.

We then also decided to skip the visit to Fresh Market for the day. We were full and the thought of buying food did not appeal to either of us.

We returned to my house hoping to go for that convertible ride. It was just too damp, humid and wet to enjoy it so we decided to save that adventure for another day.

We sat on the lanai for a while to catch up on some of our mutual college girlfriends and then it was time for my friend to head south.

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