Friday, May 28, 2010

Give Me Land, Lots Of Land (and clay and fabric) Under Starry Skies Above

As I prepare to "move house" I am trying to fit in all the things I haven't done yet. Of course part of that is getting things ready for the house sitters.
The more important part is getting together with friends and saying Farewell until we meet again! That could happen as soon as next month!
I spent a great day with a friend who showed me the horse country in Ocala as well as many other places I was unaware of.

I knew Ocala and Marion County was an important horse area, but I had no idea how many beautiful horse farms there were and how large the area they encompassed was. With so much to see I didn't get any photos of the horses or horse farms but I have some other photos to share.

I love this old abandoned building. We think it may have been a gas station at one time. At the top is says J. E. TURNIPSEED & SON 1933
I would have loved to meet J. E. Turnipseed - what a vision that name conjures up.

We finished our tour at Amrit Indian Restaurant in Ocala. It was excellent.

We had the Chicken Tandori and lamb.

This shows all the food we were served.

After mango sherbet we each went our separate ways.

After a satisfying lunch and the late nights my cousin and I had spent catching up I came home and took a nap!

After I got my second wind I thought more about my color signature. I paired clay bowls and fabric I've created in photos.
I have a few to share with you.

I love both of these pieces and they complement each other.

These look like they were made for each other.

The round shape of the bowl suggested this cut to me.
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mistyfuse said...

I love the pairings here!

Gerry said...

according to the 1930 Census for Marion County, Florida, Martin Twp.
J.E.Turnipseed, age 55, owned his home valued at $5000, owned a Radio Set, born in Florida, as were his parents, occupation Farmer works for self.
His wife Addie age 43 married at age 16 born in Florida
His son Earl M age 26 born in Florida ticket agent for rail road
His daughter Margarite age 13 born in Florida

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Thanks so much Gerry for this information. I shared it with my friend.