Saturday, April 10, 2010

Accentuate the Positive- Hanging Quilts On A Wall

The Velcro I originally used to hold this quilt on the wall of the lanai gave out and the quilt wouldn't stay up there.
I purchased 2 inch wide Industrial Strength stick-on Velcro to rehang it. I placed the Velcro all the way around the area on the wall where the quilt will hang. Last time I used narrower Velcro and only put it half way around.
After I stuck it to the wall, then I added extra insurance by stapling it too.

I put the hook side of the Velcro on back of the quilt. I also added staples for security.

The only thing left to do was place the quilt carefully on the wall so the Velcro made contact perfectly.
Sheri and I did that.
Well, Sheri actually placed it on the wall and I stood there and said "I think that is OK - No, a little higher or lower or ????????.

I have also used this method to hang a piece of art on a stretcher frame on an interior wall.

I forgot to give Sheri credit for hanging the shower curtain yesterday. She did a fantastic job. What would I do without her?


Approachable Art said...

This is SO cool. I've been wondering lately if Velcro would hold a sizable quilt to a wall and this answers that question! And the quilt you hung... Wow wow wow.

Robin said...

Great tips and really love the depth in the quilt.