Sunday, April 11, 2010

You betcha!

I have a friend who uses this expression a lot.
I was trying to come up with a subject for this blog post when a friend gave me this idea. This blog post is dedicated to the friend who gave me the idea for it!

How many of you are familiar with Vernors, the very best ginger ale? Do you know the proper way to drink it? You must drink it over ice in a glass so the bubbles come up and tickle your nose. If you know all this is probably means you're from Michigan, have lived there or visited there. Fortunately it has now made it's way to Florida so we can enjoy it here. You betcha!

Doesn't this plate of sushi look beautiful and delicious? Perfect with an ice cold Vernors. You betcha!

From the comments that have been made I am sure my friend secretly covets this lamp I bought in Wisconsin. You betcha!

Will you be watching the conclusion of the Masters Golf Tournament 2010 today?
I will and I'm sure my friend will and we'll probably both be enjoying a nice cold Vernors as we watch it! You betcha!

Since this blog is about Quilts and COLOR did you notice the recurring color theme I used - my favorite color - Green in all it's glories! You Betcha!

I've used the classic puzzle cut for the Masters puzzle as it is a true classic.
Click to Mix and Solve


Kathie said...

when I lived in Michigan I never heard of or tasted this soda! oh well guess I am missing out on something!
LOVED the colors ...and great puzzle
watching some of the Masters yesterday was wonderful...I Love that golf course and the landscaping is just incredible.....(ok I watch partially just to see all the greenery and the azaleas I admit it!) Kathie

Anonymous said...

I use to live in Ohio and Vernor's was a popular "POP" as they say up there.

Anonymous said...

My grandpa taught me to appreciate Vernor's. He was from IL/WI/MN. When he was a kid, early 1900's, the family didn't summer in the city. Too hot and cranky. That's where WI/MN come in. Still hot but friendlier.

Enjoy your ginger ale!