Sunday, July 11, 2010

Celebrating July 4th on the 3rd - playing catch up

I took so many photos at our family get together and haven't had a chance to share more of them.
My sister in law Mary loves quilts and antiques. When I walked into their dining room I was surprised that she had put this beautiful quilt on the table.

Well imagine my surprise when I looked closer and it was a printed tablecloth. It really was appropriate for the holiday.

Some of the family was camera shy at the party. Not my nephew Craig - he just slept right through the photo shoot!

Our family continues to grow. This is my niece Erica, her husband Paul and their son Sean. I have been waiting over 6 months to see him. What a happy baby.

This is my nephew Dave and his fiancee Tara. I love this photo of them.

This is my sister Carol with her grandson who was born about a week after Shaun. Another happy baby.

This is Captain Bill, my brother. He is waiting for the next group of family members to get ready to go tubing behind his boat!

This is Tammy and my sister in law Mary. We think Tammy must be family as she fits right in and if she's not there we feel the family is not complete.

This is Lisa, Craig's wife. Who else could look so cute blowing up a balloon?

Did I say camera shy? Someone is hiding behind some of the balloons they were blowing up to decorate the pontoon boat for the boat parade!

Keith is helping Mary tie the flags to the boat. I'm sorry I don't have photos of the finished boat with it's pirate theme and pirates. I had to leave before they were done.

If there's anyone missing on these photos they were camera shy, down by the water or tubing.

I think Mary loves my puzzles more than anyone else but this is the first time SHE has been a puzzle.
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