Friday, July 9, 2010

More Studio Stuff

I love having things in my studio to inspire me. Many are very colorful like these dragons from Oaxaca, Mexico. They are carved from tree branches and often the shape of the tree branch determines the shape and subject of what is carved.

The painting on this dragon is well done.

This is the first large dragon I acquired. I am lucky to live less than 10 miles from a lady who travels all over the world and imports wonderful things to sell at her farm. I can buy things from her for less than I would pay if I went to these countries myself.

This three headed dragon is one of my very favorites. I acquired it by default. It had been promised to another person but she never showed up to buy it so I was able to get it.

I don't take my inspiration literally from any of the things in my studio.
I just find that living with things I enjoy makes me more creative and the ideas spill out of my head much faster than I can execute them.


Linda Moran said...

One of my goals in art collecting is an animal from Oaxaca - I'm still looking, but one day...maybe I'll see another dragon...

Approachable Art said...

Such cool art objects, Kay! Thanks for showing them. :D