Saturday, July 17, 2010

New Polymer Clay Amulets - WOI

I Play,
With Clay.

My studio is in good working condition after several weeks of organizing, purging and donating. It is, after all, a working studio rather than a show place.

Tonight I decided to make some amulets to give to guests in Wisconsin. I had taken all those I had here to Florida. I started a tradition there of giving each guest 2 amulets on their first visit. One was to give away and the other was to keep. On each subsequent visit they get one more. It has been a fun way to share my art with many people and the recipients seem to enjoy getting them. Today I got a photo from one friend who has 4 of them showing me how they are displayed. I thought the idea was too good to just do it in Florida so I am also starting it here.

This is a tray of amulets ready to bake in my toaster oven.

I'd like to share close up views of some of them.

You will see a variety of colors and patterns in this group. Each time I make them there are more variations in what I do. Eventually I will have a varied collection to pick from,

I think the seredipitous variations are what make me want to make more, more and more!

It is always fun to see what appeals to each person. I have one friend I know so well that I knew before they picked what their first choice would be!

It's really enjoyable to get back in the studio and do something creative again. It will take me several more trays and many hours to have a supply to last the season. It IS a labor of love.


Eva said...

I know what fun it is. Got my drawer full of unsold beads. -- My fav is the red/transparent one on the last pic.

Anonymous said...

Morning Kay,
My name is Mimi. When do you want me to come over?

I have enjoyed seeing these both in Florida and Wisconsin. Was sort of hoping for a puzzle :-(.

Working studio, need to hold that thought as I flit from one thing to the next.

Mishka said...

Gorgeous colours!!