Thursday, July 1, 2010

That's What Friends Are For

The other girlfriends heard how much fun their friends were having at Granny's quilting bee and asked if they could come.
Quilters are very social and welcome everyone.
Looks like the June bride must have come straight from her wedding. I guess the honeymoon will have to wait.
Kay the quilter is ready to quilt and brought her basket of supplies as well a quilt in the hoop ready to be quilted.

While they were busy at the quilting bee I spent some time photographing some more of my works in progress.

I don't do hand applique and I don't do block of the month quilts unless they are ones I designed.
This quilt is an exception to both of these statements.
Marion Vernon and Carlene Buck found these applique patterns on old 19th century quilts. Marion redesigned and simplified them.

I thoroughly enjoyed making each and every block and also assembling the quilt.
It will be hand quilted and finished with a binding to match the outer border.

I was able to effectively use the design on the fabric for the basket texture.

This is another one of my favorite blocks. Since this was done in a folk art style imperfections in applique are just part of the charm..

Enjoy this puzzle I created for you.
Click to Mix and Solve

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