Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tessellation Tutorial - Lesson 5 - Are you WOI?

In Lesson 2 you saw some of the tessellated shapes I came up with.

This is the shape I decided to use. It is simple enough to be able to trace and cut these out in a reasonable amount of time. It is also complex enough to be interesting.

Before I absolutely positively make up my mind that I will use a shape I draw several repeats of it on paper. If I like the overall design I then go with the shape. If not, I would select a different shape.

Trace this shape on a piece of template plastic and cut it out.

Mark the side of your index card with the lines: This side up on face of fabric.
Turn your template plastic shape over so it is a mirror image and write on it: This side up when tracing on Wonder Under.

Place your template on the Wonder Under and trace around it with your black permanent felt tip pen.

Trace the shape as many times as you can on the Wonder Under backed fabric. Do not attempt to place it on grain. The more variation you have the more interesting it will be. Depending on the size and shape of your template you will probably get between 6 and 9 on each piece of fabric.

Continue tracing you template on each fabric getting as many as you can from each fabric.

Look closely at this picture. You will see the traced line is outside of the template shape. READ THIS CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU BEGIN TO CUT THESE OUT.
You will cut these out OUTSIDE the traced line. This is different that what you normally do when cutting out a traced shape. This gives you a fudge factor on each shape when putting them together.

In this photo I am cutting outside the line.

DO NOT THROW AWAY THE FABRIC YOU CUT AWAY THAT IS BACKED WITH WONDER UNDER. You can find many things to do with these leftover pieces.

These are some of the shapes I already have cut out. The cutting is a good project to do in the evening while watching TV. Pay more attention to the cutting and listen to the TV!

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In the next lesson you will learn how to put these together and continue creating your personal quilt art piece.

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