Monday, July 12, 2010

Raspberries - Georgia O'Keefe style!

Have you ever got this up close and personal with a raspberry? I have never really noticed the detail on each berry. These berries are bursting with juice.
Georgia O'Keefe got up close and personal painting flowers. I am enjoying seeing the berries with this much detail. My camera is my paint brush.
Like me, Georgia grew up in Wisconsin.

My sister got 4 pints of homegrown raspberries for me. I froze all of them I didn't eat.
I put them on cookie sheets in the freezer. When they were frozen (about an hour) I just poured them into freezer containers and I can take out as many as I need to eat, make jam or for any recipe.

What I am really on a quest for is BLACK RASPBERRIES. I have been hunting for them since I arrived in Wisconsin the beginning of June. It may be too late in the season to find them now. I hope not.
If anyone in Racine or Kenosha County can point me in the direction of some BLACK raspberries I will be eternally grateful. They seem to be in danger of becoming extinct.
Please send me an email if you know where I can find some black raspberries to

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Anonymous said...

No email, as I do not know where to find Black rasberries in WI. I have very fond memories of picking rasberries at my grandparents place. Never dropped a one - and ate until I was stuffed....

This morning I had some store bought BUT hand picked tayberries.... new to me, tart with a touch of sweet. Good, pricey but worth putting a cookie sheet in the freezer.