Wednesday, July 28, 2010

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

There is a man in my life who has only been part of my life for a short time.

Sometimes I wonder if he really loves me or if he only loves me for my amulets?

This is the new container I found to present them in. It has a place of honor in the center of the table in the informal dining room.

Each time he visited me he showed an interest in the large yellow amulet. I told him my friend Sally has one like that and I think that is one of the reasons he is attracted to that particular one. He and Sally have a common link - or do I mean had a common link. In fact last time he was here he even used my phone to call her long distance.
He did go home with that one tonight.

So who is the mystery man I wonder about?

Yes, it is my grandson Cooper. He found this hat in the donation box and had fun modeling it. He doesn't mind if you call him a cute little girl, so long as you call him CUTE!
And his connection to Sally? She raised his puppy Murphy that he is in love with. What a great boy meets dog relationship they have. He also is taking horseback riding lessons and Sally also has trained horses. His phone call the other night was just imaginary. It is so much fun to hear a 4 year old play make believe on a phone connection. He talked to her about training the puppies!

I am still busy getting all my tech stuff working and adding new things faster than I can figure out how to use them. My quilting is taking a back seat as I get things set up.

I'm also listing more things on eBay which is making the studio neater and less cluttered.

So that is a day in my life, even though lately each day packs several days of activities into one day!


Nancy said...

I love these amulets. They must make you smile whenever you look at them. Thanks for sharing.

Linda Moran said...

Lovely post - what a cutie!!