Friday, July 2, 2010

Quilts Awaiting Borders

Some quilts do not need borders.
Some quilts are not complete until they have one or more borders.
The quilts I am showing you on this post will all be improved with the addition of borders.

This Amish inspired double nine patch will need a substantial border in keeping with the Amish inspiration. I may use one wide border or I may use a narrow border and then a wider border.
How will I decide what to do?
I will pin the quilt to my design wall and audition various colors and widths until I am satisfied with the combination.
I know many people, particularly beginning quilters would prefer to have rules. They would like to be told a quilt of a certain size needs a certain size borders. That could work in certain instances. Generally the fabrics and colors affect the decision and trial and error and careful observation result in more successful quilts.

A monochromatic quilt like this can make the decision on what to add for borders more challenging. I have a feeling I will be adding a very small amount of a color in the border. Again, I won't be making this decision until the quilt is on the wall.

The two previous quilts are a good example of why you need a fabric collection or palette if you want to make quilts that work.
I suppose you could take the quilt to a quilt shop and select fabric for a border, but I find it easier and more convenient having a palette of fabrics on hand to audition for my borders. I am then able to stand back and really look at what is happening and don't have to make the decision in haste.

This quilt will eventually be king size. I think I will be adding a medium width black and white border, a pieced patchwork border using many of the same fabrics in the quilt and a wider black and white border to finish it off.

This was a scrap quilt and I had so much fun piecing it.

When I finish a project and have less than 6 inches of fabric left I usually cut strips from the remaining fabric and have a ready supply of strips when I want to do something like this. I have made several quilts from the strip I have cut this way.

If you have never done one of my puzzles you may enjoy this one. It is easy and yet challenging.
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