Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tessellation Tutorial - Lesson 6

If you are working along with me you should have all your shapes traced and cut out.
You have NOT removed the paper from the back.

These are all the pieces I have cut out. I had 10 fabrics and I cut 8 or 9 from each which means I have about 85 shapes to design with.

You will need some fabric to iron to the the fusible side of your Pellon fusible fleece.
(I did not include this in your supply list as I felt if you already are a quilter you probably already have something you can use.) If you don't you will need to purchase something for this.

I like pretty backings on my quilts. I also like fabric that has enough pattern to it that it will hide less than perfect quilting.
This fabric does not coordinate with my choices enough to be used on the front of the quilt, but it makes a perfect back. It was something I had in my fabric collection.

Make sure you follow the directions for fusing this to the wrong side of the fabric and fuse it very securely to stabilize the fleece for the next step in the next lesson.

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