Saturday, July 3, 2010

Round and Round - Circular Quilts

When I was looking through a group of works in progress I found this quilt I had forgotten all about.
It uses a variety of types of fabric.
There are some traditional print quilt fabrics, woven stripes, decorator fabrics and lame.
If you've been reading my blog you know I love to do quilts with nontraditional shapes.
The challenge with a round quilt is hanging it.

Another challenge now for me is shutting down the Perry Como song Round and Round that is playing in my head!

This makes a very interesting oval quilt. It is easy to change the shape with the computer but to actually do this in fabric would be very challenging.
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Sewlmate Sister said...

I made a 5 foot round quilt a while back....after it was quilted , we added one more layer of fabric on the back, with a slit in the middle, My hubby then got and taped together some large cardboard and cut into the shape and we inserted it into the slit...gave stability for hanging!

Sewing Junkie said...

Years ago a tip was to use old sewing machine needles as hangers for pictures. You take off the tip with a pliers and then pound the broken tip into the dry wall. It holds a lot of weight. Could you pierce the wall hanging with the tip of the needle and use the shaft end as a pounding end. And the hole in the wall is minimal. Plus the needle hole in the wall hanging is minimal. This way you can stabilize with the number of needles you use. Chris

pirate said...

I've used this technique to hang quilts with curved upper edges ...

Go to a home improvement store and buy flexible clear plastic tubing (it comes in different diameters).

using bias, appropriately wide enough, sew a hanging sleeve along the upper half circumference of the quilt. Leave the edges open.

Slide the tubing through the hanging sleeve. The flexible tubing will take the shape of the bias hanging sleeve and fully support the curved edge.

hand sew a small ring on the back at the top center of the curve. Because there is only one point to hang the quilt, it will "self level". :-)

The tubing is easily removeable if/when you want to launder the quilt or mail it someplace.