Thursday, July 8, 2010

Christmas in July

If you want to be sure you get things finished for Christmas now is the time to start.

Christmas Toys is a child size quilt that can be used as a Christmas blankie or hung on the wall.
I made log cabin blocks with a large center and machine appliqued each toy cut out on the center square.

These pillows were so much fun to make. The log cabin pillow was made with some of the same fabrics in the Christmas Toys quilt. I added a few others to complete the design.
The others were made with small pieces of fabric I had left from other projects. I love creating things with these "leftovers small pieces" of fabric. I am not afraid to try anything as the fabric is no longer precious when it is a scrap.

I hope you too will take advantage of those crazy lazy hazy days of summer to get a head start on your Christmas projects.
If you don't celebrate Christmas how about getting out your scraps of fabric and seeing what you can create with them?

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Barb R said...

Kay, just looking at those Christmas fabrics has cooled me off!

Barb in sweltering Ottawa, Canada