Saturday, July 24, 2010

How Long Does It Take To Make a Quilt - Rerun

I decided to look at what I had posted a year ago today. I think this is worth sharing with you again. I know many of you were not reading my blog then so this will be new to you.

The answer to the question can be a day or years.
This quilt took several years as I couldn't decide what to do with the simple irregular curved pieced center square. I made that square as an exercise in a David Walker workshop. It was not interesting work without a lot of additions. It was only a base to use as a starting point for something that would work.
I added yarn, applique leaves and spirals to add interest. The entire center section was done with fabrics I had painted with the exception of the spirals.

At this point it was put on hold for a few more years while I decided what to do next.
The next addition was 2 more squares behind the original square. Fast forward another year. The orange square was added at that time and it was all appliqued onto the background. Almost finished? NO.

It also took quite some time to decide on the quilting pattern. Grids in central squares and curved lines on the background created the quilting. It was finished with facings rather than binding. Whew!! That sure took a long time.

I don't know if you suffer puzzle withdrawal when I miss posting for a day or more but I do. So here is Contemplating Sea Leaves as today's puzzle.
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