Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Ultimate Puzzle and Tessellations

I know many of you are disappointed when I don't include a puzzle.

I am challenging those of you who do my puzzles with this one!

Click to Mix and Solve
I have never used this cut on a puzzle before.

Click to Mix and Solve
How about this version of the same puzzle with less than half as many pieces?

Click to Mix and Solve
And now less than half as many as the previous one.

Hopefully I have included something for you, no matter what your skill level.

Two of these puzzles are tessellations. Can you tell which ones are?


Iris said...

It's the saddest thing... I can no longer do the puzzles! I try, but I can't seem to move more than a few pieces and never the one I'm trying to move. Don't know what happened! I do miss them. But I'm still enjoying your posts!The amulets are AMAZING!!! And I loved reading about your grandson!

Anonymous said...

Well, I finished it...... and I am not sure I like you anymore. The last two easy puzzles are the tessellations.

The sad part is when I was all finished with the most piece puzzle my time was twice what the fastest was and hours longer than the average..... but I did finish it.

I did finish it... I did finish it... I did you know.

These puzzles do get color and shades into play which has sort of surprised me as I have always looked at puzzles as shapes.

Well on with the day.... I did finish it....

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I am so impressed with those of you who completed puzzle number one.
With an average time of over 4 hours that means you all have stick to it ness!
even the fastest time means someone really enjoys doing puzzles and spent more than the normal amount of tme to do one of my puzzles.
I salute you and it makes my time spent creating puzzles for you worthwhile.

Fibre Woman said...

Kay, I just thought I would mention that you owe me! You owe me big! I spent all my quilting time yesterday doing your puzzle! 2 hours and 49 minutes. Are you kidding me? I refuse to take any of the blame and foist it squarely on your shoulders. I am going to sew now. Pout!

Other than that, thank you for a challenge and for your great blog.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Fiber Woman - You are an amazing puzzle addict! You did it faster than anyone else!!!!!!!!
Don't pout - Stand up and be proud.
You are one of few I would guess that have completed this one.

Fibre Woman said...

Now, if only I could get my quilts done faster than anyone else, that would be something!

Thank you for not posting another puzzle today.