Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Quilting Granny invited the girls over for a quilting bee!

I have been preoccupied recently and haven't been spending much time with Quilting Granny on her side of the studio.
I guess she looked across the studio and saw some potential quilters.
She invited them over for a quilting bee.
Her new friends are:
Polly Pocket Book
Sinclair Purple Hair
Brenda Bobby Soxer
I haven't seen them pick up a needle and fabric yet!

While they were busy at their quilting bee I have been busy doing more organizing in the studio and also getting rid of things. My goal is to fill a HUGE garbage can each week and also to fill the car and take it to the donation center each week. I filled the garbage can and also a recycling container that is the same size this week.
Tomorrow I'll be making a trip to the donation center.

I'm also trying to photograph some of my works in progress so I can share them with you.

This is an Origami Flying geese quilt. It is so much fun to do and is slightly dimensional.
It is a carefully planned scrap type quilt. If you look carefully you will see there are just a few very light pieces. I have a hard time using lights and was so tempted to not use them. If you would see this quilt without them it would be so dull, boring and look the same all over. The light pieces make this quilt sparkle.
I used a Jinny Beyer border stripe between each row of geese.

I had to apologize to my sister in law Mary when I saw her this morning for not posting a puzzle for a few days.
She had done every puzzle I have ever posted. Is there anyone else out there who can say that?
Click to Mix and Solve

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Anonymous said...

Can't say I have done every puzzle as I did not find your blog until this year..... BUT I have done many several times, changing cut, etc. AND I have gone back to your achrives and found oldies to do....

Now why the big push to fill the dump??? moving???