Saturday, June 19, 2010

Before and After - Summers Beauty

Everyone worked hard yesterday and we got the deck furniture cleaned and on the deck. The lawn was cut and trimmed. The sidewalks and deck were spotless.

The gazebo furniture was cleaned and I put the cushions on it and put out the accessories.

This is a pleasant spot for a snack, lunch or a game of cards.

This spot makes you want to curl up with a book on a lazy summer day.

Our yard is almost total shade. We have given up on growing flowers for color. We now grow gazing balls. They don't require watering!

About 4:30 p.m. a storm with high winds and a rain that came down in sheets came through our area. The beautiful neat yard is now littered with branches. There are small branches and clusters of leaves all over the yard. We lost at least 4 large branches.



Another view.

I'm including a puzzle for you today.
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teri said...

yikes! It blew through here too but my only problem was that my neighbors sprinklers came on probably because of power fluctuations, and they STAYED on ALL NIGHT! I am down hill from them. By this morning the half of my back yard on the north, the side yard and the road in front of my house were flooded.....yet everywhere else the wetness from last nights rain was gone. Took until 10:30 to track down an association board member (the neighbor whose sprinkler was going is also a board member and is out of town) who could get a hold of the site manager who wouldn't answer his home phone which is the only number we regular residents have, so that he could turn the sprinklers off. I have puddles 3" deep in my back yard but trees are all intact.....

I am glad YOU are all right.