Friday, June 4, 2010

Bordering On A New Millennium - Part 3

I finally realized what was missing.
When you draft only part of a pattern who don't see the whole picture.

I was missing an entire set of points - the final round which consisted of 16 points.

I had a large collection of Jinny Beyer Border prints but did I have enough of any one fabric that would be perfect for these points?

Here you see two of those final 16 points. When I looked at the entire piece of fabric I didn't think it would work. When I carefully analyzed the fabric it was perfect if I chose this particular part of the fabric. I was so pleased I had enough of the fabric to do this. I don't think I could have cut 2 more pieces from the length of fabric I had.

I double checked to be sure I had 32 of these pieces to fill in between the points.
Yes, I only had 16 but had plenty of fabric to make 16 more. This gave me the required 32 background pieces between the points.

The next step was to decide what to use between the inner edge of the first round of the compass points.

From only 1/2 yard of this print I was able to carefully cut all 16 of these diamonds. They created a nice accent to the fabrics I had used in the points.

The next section I created is the yellow "wreath". I took the leftover fabric from the first 4 star points and hoped to cut 16 identical and 16 mirror images. I ran short on the last 3 points so I had to make them shorter to get 32.

Keep watching as I'm not done sharing how I created of this piece yet!

I love this section of the quilt and hope you'll enjoy putting it together as today's puzzle.
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