Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bring Back Polyester Double Knits!

We had a lot of fun yesterday.
My son, daughter in law and 3 of their children are here from Minnesota.

I asked my son if he would get a few things from the back of my attic for me and he was so happy to help.

He brought out 8 boxes of clothes I had saved from various stages of my life.

They included clothes from high school, my prom dress, my silk tea dresses from college, my wedding dress, many casual clothes I had designed and my "fine" polyester double knit creations. These were all clothes I had made and designed.

Julie, Jessica and I had so much fun opening the boxes and looking at them.

We realized Jessica was about the height and size I was when I made them.

I took the "fine" polyester double knits downstairs and washed them.

When I saw how beautifully they washed and dried I wondered why we ever stopped wearing them!

I think I will start a new campaign.

We call this dress the "Safety Patrol" dress. What was I thinking when I made this? It is an original design by me. I suppose in the late 60's it was quite stylish?


Martys Fiber Musings said...

What a beauty she is modeling your finery from the past. Love this post!

Mechelle said...

Ohhh they still make fabric like Poly double knit - but now they call it RPL (Rayon Polyester Lycra) Sophia is one brand name. Plus they have another that is 100% poly double knit called "Ponte de Roma" - fancy name huh! I got some Sophia from and it is really great - will make some nice winter britches!

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Would you believe I think I still may have a box of polyester double knits in the basement from over 25 years ago?
Most is Ponte De Roma!

Diana Napier said...

She looks great in your creations!

Michele said...

What a great sport your granddaughter is to model all of these for you! And for the record, I really like the safety patrol dress.

Rachel said...

What fun! And you know fashion is cyclical. Should be coming back any time now.