Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bordering On A New Millennium - Part 4

After completing the yellow ring I needed to redraft the pattern pieces for the magenta ring.
It uses 16 segments - 8 identical and 8 mirror images. I was pleased with the way it looks and with how well the seams are hidden.
The gold motif in the center of the quilt was done with only 8 identical pieces. These were sewn together and hand appliqued on top of the previous round.
The only time I do hand stitching is when I find something I can not do as well by machine. There are only 4 places I have done hand stitching on this quilt.

It was now time to join the circular Mariners Compass and the lace border that I used as my starting point. It was an easy gentle curve seam to sew.

I spent some time thinking how I was going to attach this to the background fabric.
Tomorrow I will share the solution.

One of my favorite puzzle cuts for one of my favorite puzzles
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Anonymous said...

You should be please at the the seams, as they are all but seamless. When taken apart in pics I am able to appreciate this in a whole different light.