Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Just Like The Good Old Days - Yuppie Hill Farm

Sunday morning my 3 sisters, my brother in law and myself went out for breakfast.
It was not your ordinary breakfast.

We went to Yuppie Hill Farm. This is a real farm and part of a barn has been repurposed into the dining room.

These are the pig pens. The pork is butchered and either used in the food they serve or available to purchase. They also raise free range chickens and sell brown eggs.

This corner is a trip down memory lane. Do you remember a refrigerator like this?
A table and chairs like these?

My sisters and brother in law are visiting and soaking in the atmosphere as we wait for our breakfast.

I had the pork omelet which included sausage, bacon, ham, cheese. veggies and eggs.
It was delicious and I ate almost the whole thing.

We each left with some food we purchased. I bought two pints of homemade jelly and bacon. The others purchased eggs, bread, scones and other things.

It was a really neat place. We will make a return visit before I head south again.

You can get more information about Yuppie Hill Farms on their website at:
They also are on Facebook as Yuppie Hill Poultry.

They are located between Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Chicago. I'm sure you'll enjoy a drive and a visit for breakfast and to purchase some of their wonderful products.

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