Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bordering On A New Millennium -- Part 5

The next challenge was to decide how I was combine the lace edged circle with the Mariners Compass and the background.
I finally realized the best way to do it was to piece a background the size I needed and to applique the lace edge to it by HAND. (There's that word again!)
I took it with on a one week family vacation and finished it during that time period.
Since I was on vacation when I did it I don't count it as a part of the total time I devoted to making this quilt.

After I finished doing the applique I trimmed out the background under the Mariner's compass to reduce the bulk. (this large amount of fabric I trimmed out was eventually used for the back of "On The Wing of A New Millennium".

I am quite sure it is not obvious to you what the background fabric is in this quilt.
Hopefully you can read it in the closeup. If you can't click on the image to enlarge it.
It is part of a collection of fabrics Jinny Beyer designed to mark and memorialize the Millennium. It says MILLENNIUM.

I work with a general idea in my head, but I think you can see I continually make choices and changes as a piece develops.


Cindi said...

Kay, this quilt is amazing! I love the way the fabrics radiate outwards. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Kay...I just went to the library yesterday and got a book called Kaleidoscope Quilts by Paula Nadelstern, and your Mariner's Compass reminds me of this book. You might see if you can look at it. When I saw the book I just loved the idea. You are doing a great job!!!