Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Blog As Printed Books

I wanted to print my blog as a book.
If it were ever to disappear from the Internet I would still have a record of it.
My blog is one way I document my activities and accomplishments.

I have printed 3 books so far. There is a limit as to how many pages you can put in each book so I printed 2 books for 2009.

You can see the layout of the pages in this photo.
My guests have enjoyed looking at them.
It is a quicker way to see what I have posted rather than scrolling through all the posts.

Here is a closer view of one book. The quality of the photos is quite good if your photos are good to begin with.

It is another way I can share my blog, particularly with my friends who don't use a computer often.

I will be printed my fourth book at the end of June, 2010.


Peggi said...

What an absolutely FABULOUS idea! I might have to consider this!

Mary Stori said...

I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd love to know how/where you had them printed....

Anonymous said...

So do tell, HOW does one turn a blog into a book? A service? or do you do it yourself?

I think it is wonderful....

victoria said...

What a great idea! The books are beautiful, just like your creations and your blog. Thanks for sharing,


norma said...

Super idea? Is it a Mac book or did you use another service?

kathy said...

Well, you left out one VERY important thing...can't believe you didn't share...where did you get this done???? We all want ours done now.

Rayna said...

How cool is this? Very.
Great idea. Want to share how you did it?