Monday, June 7, 2010

Wedding Bells

This wedding determined my return date to the north.
What a lovely and sentimental occasion.
Everything was absolutely perfect.

It was held in Siebert Chapel at Carthage College.

The massive Fritsch Memorial Organ holds a prominent place in the Chapel. This four-manual tracker-action pipe organ designed by Casavant Frères of Quebec, Canada, contains 3,495 pipes in five divisions.
If you look at the Grand piano toward the bottom of the photo it gives you an idea of the impressive size of the organ pipes.

I wish Bill and Sarah a long happy life together.

I took many photos of the different food stations that were set up in several areas at the reception. My lack of photography skills were evident in many of them so I am only sharing this one. Make me feel I was "back in my own back yard" in the south!

This happy occasion was shared by so many of their friends and family and we all were so happy for them.

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