Thursday, June 10, 2010

Graduation Day

I had a great, busy and tiring day yesterday.

I headed to the first local Farmer's market for the season and came home with


zuchinni and banana breads and

homegrown strawberries. You don't find these in the grocery stores in Florida!

I was heading home when I saw this sign. I did a double U turn to bring me back into the parking lot.

I bought this loaf of pretzel bread. It is very good, but not as authentic as the pretzel bread we had Reuben sandwiches on at Yalaha bakery a few weeks ago.

I put my feet up for a while and then it was time to go to my youngest granddaughters eighth grade graduation. As I have been reminiscing with a friend it seems like just yesterday that we were graduating from eighth grade!

I am very proud of her. She won several different awards.

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Deb said...

Oh my goodness, kids look so much older than I remember we did at that age! She looks like a college graduate! Tell her she looks so lovely! Of course she gets her looks from her Grandma Kay right!