Friday, June 11, 2010

The Minute (Rice) Waltz

I showed some fabrics I painted on my blog with Seta-Color paints. I mentioned my granddaughter painted with me that day. Some of you expressed a desire to see her fabrics.
This is one piece she did. To get the texture she sprinkled the fabric with kosher salt and Minute Rice. I think she used almost a whole box of rice on her pieces.
I love the texture she achieved.

This used the remainder of the large box of Minute Rice. She also used the kosher salt and two leaves on it. Another very interesting texture.

This looks almost like a marbled fabric. I believe she crinkled this up a little to get the light and darker areas. This is actually the wrong side of the fabric but is much more effective than the right side.
I think her fabrics are more interesting than the ones I created. Children are much less inhibited when creating than adults are.

I apologize for neglecting to post puzzles recently but I do have one for you today.
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Sue Andrus said...

I love your granddaughter's fabrics!! The colors are great! Now I just need to figure out how and where I can set up my painting so I can play too... "Somebody" is using my outdoor painting area for lumber storage...

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

These were done inside on a table in my studio.
It is a misconception that you need sun to get this effect.

wlstarn said...

If you let the salt (and probably rice) dry out you can reuse it. You will get speckles of whatever color it has soaked up on the next piece, which can make for a nice effect.

Maxine Oliver said...

Your Granddaughter did a beautiful Job. I think I'll try the rice next.

Gloria said...

Her fabric creations are just beautiful! Such wonderful colors and the rice and salt added great texture. First I've heard of using rice...want to try this myself. Your GD should color more fabrics...she certainly has the eye for it. Must take after you..

kathy said...

These are wonderful! What a great job she did. And I bet she had the best time.