Monday, June 21, 2010

Polyester Double Knit - You liked it, you really liked it!

Paraphrasing Sally Field!

And now, presenting: MORE TO LIKE!

This halter style mini dress is just so typical 70's. It brings back fond memories.

As we continued photographing Jessica in my clothes her confidence as a model grew.

Technically this was the most complex garment of the group. The design required great care to draft. Construction required precision.

I used an invisible zipper at the center back of this dress. Using one of these was a challenge to do properly. Using this and matching the color changes was a herculean task. I can't believe I was able to do such precision work, but the proof is here for you to see.

And for you younger readers, you may have never even seen an invisible zipper. It's only obvious when you see the pull at the top.

Jessica was joined by her two younger brothers on the deck for this photo.

Too soon it was time for them to bid me farewell and head home.

Time for another puzzle.
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Meg said...

She looks darling! So....did she take the dresses with her? My step-mom gave a bunch recently to one of my nieces. Megan loved them.

Barbara said...

If you hadn't said the red dress was polyester and made in the 70's, I would never have guessed. It's back in style. I think they all have looked wonderful.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

It is interesting how similar some of these things are to what is being worn by the younger generation today.
There will be more to come and some are even more current in their look.

Mechelle said...

I think both of these dresses look very up to date! She looks cute as a button - what girl doesn't like "dress up" at any age!!!