Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Art and Soul of Quilting 2006 at Anderson Art Center

I originated a juried national show at Anderson Arts Center called The Art and Soul of Quilting. It was held in 2004 and 2006. When I made the decision to spend part of the year in Florida the show no longer was held.
I'd like to share some photos from the show with you. Melody Johnson took these photos and posted them on her blog. She graciously is allowing me to share some of them with you tonight. This photo was taken in the east gallery and you can see our friend Tommy Fitzsimmon's quilt. You also can see the table with the appetizers and beverages. The Anderson does a first class reception for their shows.

This piece is by Sonji Hunt, one of the artists who will have a solo show as a part of Quilts: Another Dimension.

And here we have Sonji. She knows how to make an entrance!

This gorgeous piece is by Carol Taylor.

Terry Haugen's "Let the Loveless Fade" won Best of Show.

Melody and Dave look like they are enjoying themselves.

Tonight's puzzle is another wonderful quilt from that show by Liz Berg. Unfortunately I don't have the name for this one. Can anyone help me?
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Eva said...

I love the sleeping lady and the oriental style embellishment at the bottom. She is so vulnerable in her nudity and feels so safe at the same time.

karenfae said...

I love that one by Liz Berg that looks like it has a bunch of tiny dots or something on it - wow for that fabric. Thanks so much Kay for sharing all this with us - makes us feel like we are seeing it almost in person!