Monday, January 26, 2009

Quilts: Another Dimension reception: Part 2

Some of my energy has returned. I'd like to share more show photos.

This is a view of the east gallery with some of the people who attended the show. This is also where the food and beverages were served. I really enjoyed the very lovely hordeuvres.
There were also two pianists who alternated playing the grand piano during the show. The gentleman looking at the quilt on the right was one of the pianists and the lady who also played is seated at the piano.

These are long time friends Tim and Mary. It was so good to see them. Tim and Mary are standing in front of Colors of My Life 17 - Subtitle: An Amazing Quilt

These lovely ladies are all part of my son's office staff. I even look forward to visits to his office because they are always so pleasant and so much fun.
All three quilts partially visible in this photo are from the June Series. These quilts are all constructed from fabrics I either dyed or painted.

Bernadette is also from his office staff and she is accompanied by a friend and 2 daughters.
The quilts you see part in the background are also from the June series.

This is another picture of my friend Sue in front of Colors of My Life 4. This particular quilt is a charm quilt. In a charm quilt each piece is the same size and shape and they are each cut from a different fabric. They are so much fun to make and to collect fabric for.

This is my good friend Virginia. We met as members of Illinois Quilters. She lived in Illinois, I in Wisconsin. She moved to Wisconsin so we now live only a few miles from each other. Sorry Virginia - I caught you off guard as we can tell by your funny expression!
I have to apologize to my friends who'd photos I did take. It got so busy at times that I missed a lot of people who mean a lot to me.

I also would like to share another site where you can see some really good photos of the show along with Sonji's brilliant commentary:

If any of you will be visiting the show this Saturday, January 31st I'll be there with family and friends in the early afternoon. I also will be there on Thursday, February 5th in the early afternoon.


Exuberant Color said...

the show looks spectacular, worth all of the work getting it all together. Have you shown your grand finale quilt yet?

Diana said...

Very vibrant quilts, I love what you've shown us. Wish I could make it to your show.

tesuque said...

Thanks for sharing the show and the lead-up to it. You have an amazing body of work.

Eva said...

How nice you share this show with the bloggers! Exposition and visitors, what a lovely scene, it is almost like being there for a few minutes. Great quilts, especially the june series! I love them.

norma said...

The show looks fabulous and it looks like you had a good turnout. Thanks for sharing with us.