Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jinny Beyers Quilt Seminar has begun!

I took a class from John Flynn the morning before the opening of the seminar. This is my class project which I finished before the evening banquet. I brought it to show John I had finished it and to share with my friends. If you notice the slit in it that is because I chose to use it to make a jacket.

I had the jacket finished and wore it for the Saturday evening final banquet. The banquet photo where I am modeling this is in Florida so I am sharing this newpaper photo with you.
After the morning class we stopped at Signe's, one of our favorite places for lunch and also one of the very best bakeries anywhere.

Jinny welcomes everyone at the opening meeting, introduces the staff and introduces the seminar theme. We are divided into groups and we sit at a table with our group. Each table has one of Jinny's staff to help us when we have problems. Jinny was the first person to use a computer and projector to teach any quilting classes or lectures I was at.

After the afternoon meeting it was time to change clothes and get ready for the banquet that evening. The evening started with a lovely cocktail hour with excellent hor duevres and a chance to meet and visit with other participants and the staff.

More introductions were done at the banquet. I sat at the head table for the 10th Anniversary banquet. Since Jinny has a seminar coordinator she had no idea why I was sitting there. Here I am presenting our surprise to Jinny.

During the previous summer I contacted the participants and any past participant I knew to create a special quilt top for Jinny for the 10th Anniversary. I sent each person a pattern and instructions to make a block with Jinny Beyer fabric. People returned the completed blocks to me and I assembled the quilt top. I felt bad that I didn't have time to get it quilted. It actually proved to be a life saver for Jinny as she was able to quilt it while recovering from surgery on her knee.

This is a closer view of the center area of the quilt.

This is a close up view so you can see the signatures and the block.

In this photo of the top right corner you can see I used one of Jinny's border prints as a border on the quilt. The finished size of the quilt is BIG! I don't have any measurements. I do know that I had to take it up to the high school and lay it out on the gymnasium floor to see how the blocks blended together. I had to go climb up to the balcony to see it.

I haven't had a puzzle for a few days so I am giving you one that is very easy. A sister of one of the people who's signature is on on of these blocks has not done the puzzles so this is for her, and also for the husband of the person named on the block!
Click to Mix and Solve


Robin said...

Hey - one of those signature blocks is mine! It's in the bottom right corner, and I used Jinny's fabrics. i remember the 10th--it was so much fun.

Robin Haller

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I'm so glad you were able to find your block Robin.
The tenth WAS so much fun.
Stay tuned for Show and Tell on today's blog.

Mary Stori said...

Very, very impressive Kay!!