Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More Glitzy Bags and The Show is Looking Good

I finished up and priced my Glitzy Bags for the gift shop for my show. I absolutely LOVE them. It was hard for me to take them to the shop. I wanted to keep them all!
They were so much more work than I expected and I don't expect I'll be doing more any time soon!

This is a photo of all of them. They vary in size from a smaller cosmetic size bag to a medium size clutch. I didn't even keep one for myself.

Candace had the show all laid out and most of it is hung. It looks fantastic. My Grand Finale quilt shows so well. I'm really excited about it.

My next activity is going to be cleaning up my studio so it will be photograph ready!
Right now I know where things are and I can work in it. If anyone else came up here they would say "This place needs "attention". I also have a wonderful hanging system that allows me to hang about 30 feet of quilts in addition to what I can hang on the design wall. Right now I'm not utilizing that - another thing I'm going to do.

While I was at the Art Center today I took photos of some of the quilts. Tonight's puzzle is Frances Holliday Alford's quilt Orange-Yellow.
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karenfae said...

sounds like you have been busy Kay - glad the show is set and that you are satisfied with it.

Anonymous said...

Kay, so wish I could be at the Anderson for your show. I helped Kathy Ross manny, manny years ago paint the rooms after Mrs. Anderson passed, getting it into an ART Center---what great memories I have of that gracious home on the lake! Say hi to Candice for me. Paulette in VA