Friday, January 9, 2009

Sometimes Someone Has To Break The Rules

Yes, that is the title of this quilt. It doesn't conform to what you normally think of as a quilt. The long narrow part in the center is loose and attaches to the quilt with Velcro. (What did we ever do before Velcro?) The feathers you see are a Mardi Gras mask, also attached with Velcro.

This close up gives you a better view of the details in the focal point of this quilt. The color in this photo is the most accurate.
The quilt was sold to a collector who hung it to be viewed through an archway in their home. I have seen it there and it was absolutely perfect in the setting.

If you look carefully at this quilt you will also see I used colors in this quilt that would be at home just about anywhere. It won't looked dated in a few years as the popular decorating colors change.

This is another quilt in the WOW series. Strip pieced wedges compose the quilt. I enjoy playing with this idea. There are infinite possiblities using this idea.

Click to Mix and Solve
Tonights puzzle is a quilt I designed with Corel Draw and never created in fabric. I found Mariners Compass quilts were easy to design with Corel Draw. I will also share a little secret with you. They are not nearly as hard to make as they look. Accuracy is important when piecing a Mariners Compass quilt.


Jen said...

Wow, what a great quilt. It's just stunning. Great job!

Nellie's Needles said...

Stunning! and WOW! are most appropriate. Just imagining this piece in its setting is a treat.

Eva said...

talking about velcro...

karenfae said...

the wall hanging is very unique - I have never seen one like it - you sure do come up with some great ideas I envy you that.

KHQSnewsie said...

Found your blog log through Mary Jo's Fabrics website. Love your work. Also love jigsaw puzzles. Your quilt puzzles are extra treat.
This Mariner's Compass is warm and beautiful. I am going to attempt to do CorelDraw. I find your comments encouraging.