Monday, January 12, 2009

Simply Sensational Six Point Stars

One Woman's Dream
I developed this technique for doing six pointed stars without struggling to sew into corners. It gives you a lot of options and can be done quickly. No Y seams! Since many religions use the six pointed star I had hoped to hang this quilt in places of worship of different faiths at celebrations by family and friends.
I never pursued the idea, but I still think it is a good one. It could then be documented on the back with labels explaining about the celebrations and where it hung.

If you enlarge this closeup you will see more six pointed stars formed by the quilting. Coming up with an appropriate quilting design was a challenge. Doing the actual quilting was an even bigger challenge as I had just started to wear bifocals. My quilting did not appear where I thought I was quilting. I did a pretty fair amount of unsewing on this one.

Here is a simpler version of the technique. This is the one I teach in the class. The class also covers using border prints and how to make them match at the corners and fit two different length edges.
I have a few other works in progress in various sizes using this technique. It's fun to do.

The think the red version will work great for the puzzle tonight if I tip it over!

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Gene Black said...

If I lived close, I would take the class just to see how this is done!

Eva said...

Yes, this star is versatile. Did you know it even appears in Tibetan buddhism as the symbol of some Dakinis, i.e. female power emanations?

karenfae said...

Neat! I don't think I have ever seen a pattern for a six pointed star - surely there is one out there isn't there. I looked closely to see how you did it and I will have to try it with all of my scraps.