Wednesday, January 7, 2009

When does the glass become part of the art?

Mystic Spirit is another piece I needle felted. I painted a piece of silk noil. I layed various fibers on it and needle felted the layers together.
If is framed between 2 pieces of glass. When you hang it on the wall you see a little of your wall color between the art and the frame. The white circle is a reflection of the flash. I have not learned how to take photos of something behind glass without getting that glare.

Simple Elegance is another piece I framed between two pieces of glass. It is made from hand dyed fabric and is fused, machine appliqued and hand embroidered. Another spot from the flash.

A nice feature about framing work this way is that when you add your wall color as the back ground they are great on almost any color wall. Both of these will be for sale in the gift shop.

In case you didn't read my blog last night I am asking for feedback about whether or not I should continue with the puzzles. Please read about this at the end of last night's blog and let me know your thoughts. Thank you. I will make my decision when I get more responses.


Exuberant Color said...

Check your camera manual. I have a setting for taking pictures through glass. I don't know if they mean with a flash or not.

Eva said...

The solution may be a tripod for the camera and long exposition time.

Mary Stori said...

Look for a 'museum' setting on your camera......that will allow you to photograph objects behind glass.

norma said...

Have you tried just turning off your flash? Your pieces are lovely! I don't do the puzzles, but then I'm not a puzzle person.

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

I was told it is all about the angle.
Try tilting your camera or shooting from the side.

I love puzzles but like them on a table where I can put a few pieces in as I walk thru the dining room.