Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Still waiting for seminar to begin - Power shopping today!

This is the back of a special jacket I made for shopping. It is comfortable in a wide range of temperatures. I made it from sand washed rayon. I channel quilted the black fabric to a royal blue sand washed rayon with a light weight batting. I also made a long sleeve shell in red and full trousers in black sand washed rayon.

When the clerks in the stores and the other shoppers see us coming they know we are serious power shoppers! They move out of our way so we can do the job we came to do!
The clerks all know us by name.
Today will be our last full day of power shopping. We have been known to fit in some emergency shopping during lunch hours, before dinner or in any free time we have.

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Eva said...

It seems to be a magic power jacket. I want one if it provides me with the means to go power shopping.