Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bloomin' Balloon - Coming of age! It's 21.

This quilt was created for an invitational challenge. The challenge was for the Silver Dollar City Quilt Show. We were required to use a collection of 100% cotton prints by Marti Michell with no more than 25% solids. Each quilt was 36 x 36 inches.

It was definitly a challenge to create this quilt. The fabrics I ordered to do this didn't have enough variation in value. They were all also subtle and I was more comfortable creating with a mixture of brights and subtles.
I used strip piecing to construct the sections. I had to resort to overdyeing to get enough suitable fabric for the sky area.

I made 3 different centers for the flower before I made this final one. I beaded it to give it more color and texture.
A calendar was created for the show and my quilt was featured in February.

As I look at the quilt 21 years after I created it it looks much better than it did when I finished it. I always tell students if you don't like something put it away and when you take it out again it will look better.

And for tonight's puzzle I've given you a section of Bloomin' Balloon.
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Eva said...

Yes, we are self-critical, the effect you describe proves it. While working on it and without a "forgiving" distance, we can be merciless on our on work. But the world as a creation satisfied the creator, and He said it was good. And he was alone. We are luckier. We have our blog mates to tell one another it is good.
This quilt looks much like a human face and shoulders and like a flower at the same time. It is magic, almost weird. A powerful image!

Irene said...

Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog as it has brought me to yours! The Bloomin' Balloon is wonderful - you are so talented. I love your puzzle every day too - you've combined two of my loves - quilting and jig saws.