Monday, January 26, 2009

Waiting for Jinny Beyers Quilting Seminar to begin! I'm so tired from shopping for all the bargains on Hilton Head Island!

This is my almost daily post reminiscing about the 20 or more Jinny Beyer Seminars I attended on Hilton Head Island.
That sign is what we learned to recognize from a block away. We also did our research by checking out the ads in the newspaper, the radio and peaking in stores before they opened.

These 2 photos are from the coldest day on record on HHI.
We knew we still had to get out there and shop until we dropped.
It's a tough job, I know but someone has to do it.
We were fortified because we had spent 3-4 hours at brunch on Sunday. We always went to the very best brunch on the island. Over the years we probably had 4 or 5 favorites as things changed.

This photo shows some of the shops and restaurants at Harbour Town. Some of our favorites were here.
Our favorites also changed over the years, but our favorites were the ones with 75% or more off. Since their seasons were ahead of ours they reduced things and we could still wear them for at least 5 months in Wisconsin. I am still wearing some of the things I bought years ago.

This is the lighthouse at Harbour Town which is a well recognized symbol to any one who has heard of HHI.
We stopped here or in one of the many wonderful restaurants before continuing the after lunch shopping.

This was our "Show and Tell" from one of our shopping expeditions.

This is another of our show and tells.
For Jinny's 10th Anniversary Seminar she gave out many achievement awards. I received the Champion Shopper award for knowing where every store on the island was and what their discounts were daily. I thought everyone knew that!
One of the first questions we asked when we entered a store was "Do you ship?".
Fortunately most stores did. If they charged for shipping it was usually less than what we saved on sales tax. If we couldn't squeeze everything left in our suitcases we took the rest to the island pack and ship or post office. We also did a lot of early Christmas and birthday shopping when we were there.
This was just one of our memorable experiences we shared as friends on our annual trips to Hilton Head.

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Mary Stori said...

What fun seeing vintage Kay and Pamela photos!